If you’re familiar with restaurant terminology, then you’re probably aware of the term “fast casual,” also recognized as the biggest food trend over the past decade. Restaurants that meet the fast casual criteria aim to achieve a healthy balance between fast-food dining and casual dining. Although these eateries have increased in popularity, it doesn’t mean they’re the best option.

Fast Casual vs. Fast Food

As we pull into a fast food drive-through, the expectation is fast service at a low cost with ingredients that aren’t the most beneficial for our health. As we have become more health-conscious consumers, the industry has evolved accordingly. Fast casual restaurants serve those who prefer a healthier meal, delivered with a sense of speed. Restaurants like Jersey Mikes, Chipotle, and Five Guys can separate themselves from fast food giants by providing customers with quality food in an appealing environment.

Fast Casual Misconceptions

When visiting counter-service restaurants, we can experience a façade of speedy service. Whether it’s ambiance or the transparency of an open kitchen, we can feel as though the process from start to finish is a lot quicker than it actually is. If you are one of the many people experiencing the shrinking lunch hour, timely service indicates where you choose to enjoy your lunch break.

Pizza Gallery & Grill Experience

At Pizza Gallery & Grill you don’t have to sacrifice time, price, or quality to enjoy an elevated meal. With fresh ingredients at the forefront of our mind, our laid-back pizzeria caters to everyone. Our lunch buffet is an excellent option for those strapped for time. It features gourmet pizza, fresh salad, pasta, dessert, and world-famous garlic knots all at a $10 cost.