Simply Put…It’s Better to Give Than it is to Receive!!!

Outreach & Donations

Are you inquiring about donations, sponsorship or our “Pizza with a Purpose” fundraising program? If so, please download, print, complete and return our Donation Request Form, or complete online.

Some tips for making your event succesful!

The 10 Steps – click HERE for a printable version

1. Hand out a minimum of 500 flyers

2. Create an event page on Facebook and share/invite everyone!

3. Reach out to local media (newspaper/radio) ask about PSAs (Public Service Announcements)

4. Send an eblast about your event with the attached flyer

5. Post flyer and mention fundraiser on your website and social media

6. Include your fundraiser info on any relevant print newsletters  (local schools, churches and neighborhood associations)

7. Post your flyer in community businesses and meeting places

8. Reach out to local organizations with similar interests/goals

9. Share PGG’s social media posts and email blasts with your contacts

10. Reach out to area school PTAs and teacher’s organizations