If you’ve not experienced the amazing pizza that’s made at Pizza Gallery & Grill at the Avenue Viera, you need to bring an empty stomach and stop to appreciate the art that is the restaurant and food!
I first met Chris as he participated in “Space Coast Restaurant Week” back a few months ago with our iHeartRadio family. But I’m not stranger to Pizza Gallery in my life. Having grown up in Melbourne just off Wickham Road, many years ago that’s where one of the few Pizza Gallery stores was located. The pizza’s were always fresh, always creative, and always freaking delicious! But, as I got older and moved further south in Brevard I rarely made it up to the Avenues to see their current location. I went once a few years ago on a blind date. And again, the food was great…the date (meh) not so much. But, when Chris came in the radio station to talk about Space Coast Restaurant Week and brought in soooooo many pizza’s (see Instagram post below) I knew I wanted to know his story. What I didn’t know was literally the very next day, his other restaurant 28 North Gastropod was also coming in to feed us literally some of the greatest food I’ve ever eaten (and also see that IG post below). Now, a lot of people ask Chris and have even asked me “What’s a ‘Gastropub’?” And simply put, it’s a bar that serves super amazing food with an awesome atmosphere. And with 28 North, that title means something to Brevard, means something about Brevard, and literally means Brevard. I’ll let Chris tell you on our latest episode of “Dinner and Drinks”, at Hurricane Creek in Downtown Melbourne.Listen to the full podcast on Kiss 95.1