Signature Pizzas

The Hawaiian “Botticelli”

Baked ham, crispy bacon and fresh pineapple topped with mozzarella cheese, we recommend teriyaki sauce with this work of art

large: 19.00 small: 10.50

The“Renoir” Chicken Bruschetta

Original crust with mediterranean bruschetta, grilled chicken, mozzarella and feta then finished with fresh basil and balsamic reduction

large: 19.00 small: 10.50


Start with a grilled Portabella mushroom as your crust, add tomato sauce, topped with pepperoni,
onions, italian sausage, mozzarella, parmesan cheese and finished with fresh basil ribbons

Portabello: 11.50

The“Davinci” Masterpiece

Begin with our original crust and tomato sauce top it with pepperoni, ham, sausage, bacon, yellow onions, green peppers, black olives, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese.

large: 21.50 small: 11.50

The“Michelangelo” Italian Pie

Original crust with tomato sauce, pepperoni, salami, sausage, banana peppers, garlic and our own
Mona’s blend on original crust

large: 19.00 small: 10.50

“Hopper’s” Chicken Neapolitan

Our gluten free brown rice crust, with a light layer of tomato sauce, grilled chicken, green peppers, red peppers, garlic, yellow onion and mozzarella

gluten free(one size): 11.50

The “Picasso” Crab Cake Pizza

Begin with garlic butter, top with crab claw meat, red peppers, green peppers, red onions and mozzarella, finished with a stroke of dijon remoulade (on portabellas / small only /  gluten free 11.50)

large: 21.50 small: 11.50