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Last Chance!

Our current featured artist Bich Nguyen’s exhibition will be coming to an end on the 29th of August. If you haven’t had the chance to check out her work in our private dining room, you still have a little over a week. Her vibrant abstracts are truly beautiful and she created some smaller, very affordable…

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Run for Pizza?

We have to admit, when we first heard the idea for the “Run for Pizza” we thought “pizza after a 5k?” But much to our surprise apparently a great slice after a run is a thing… who knew. The Running Zone’s annual “I Run for Pizza 5k” and football season kick off is this weekend…

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PGG Instagram?

If you’re an insta-veteran or new to the platform we hope you’ll consider giving us a follow! We love sharing local art, amazing food pics and even the occasional pic contest.

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Thoughts and Prayers…

Those of you that have been with us since the beginning, know our founder or have been involved in the arts in Melbourne, know the name Joe Conneen. From promoting his wife’s art to owning a gallery in Egad, our founder’s father has been a prominent figure in brining art to the forefront in our town. Since…

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What’s Happening?

If you aren’t getting our weekly newsletter you’re missing out on some great content, including upcoming events, community outreach opportunities, Brevard art news, exclusive offers and so much more! Our weekly updated list of upcoming live music is also included in every email! Click Here to check out this week’s full email. Live Music on…

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July’s Featured Guest Blogger

We are excited to welcome our guest blogger for July! If the last name sounds familiar, it’s because Mike is the brother of our Founder. That’s definitely not why we wanted him to contribute a blog entry for us. Our commitment to enriching our community is directly connected to Mike’s mission to save our local…

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“Ruling my World”

PGG Culture Blog – “Ruling my World” by Jacqueline Ross I haven’t checked my mailbox in about two weeks!  Forgive me, as I don’t have any pen pals and all of my bills are sent in the form of e-mails.  Well after work tonight, I took a stroll down to the mail house where my…

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Get Your Trivia On!

Join us for our once a month “Pop Trivia” night hosted and sponsored by Viera Comics! See the event calendar for details!

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Time to Cut the Ribbon!

You’re invited!!!

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New Featured Artist!

We’re excited to welcome back the Pop Art inspired work of Brenda Bolding. Her use of bold primary colors give an amazing pop of color to our private dining room gallery. You can see more of her work or check out her bio at

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