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The Avenue, Viera FL.
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Gourmet Seafood Pizzas

The “Rembrandt”

Begin with Parmesan sauce and add tender shrimp, spaghetti, light garlic and mozzarella.

large: 16.99 small: 9.49

The “Picasso” Crab Cake Pizza

Begin with a rich garlic butter sauce and top with tender crab claw meat, red & green peppers, red onions and mozzarella cheese. Then finished with a Dijon remoulade stroke.

large: 18.99 small: 10.49

The “Erte”

Begin with creamy pesto sauce, add tender shrimp, scallops, onions and tomatoes with mozzarella cheese.

large: 18.99 small: 10.49

The “Dali” Da Kine Fish Taco Pizza

Start with our corn meal crust, black beans and salsa, top with baked mahi-mahi, fresh tomatoes, yellow onions and pineapple. Fish tacos step aside.

large: 18.99 small: 10.49