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Why PGG?

So why join the PGG team?
Great question!
Want to be a part of a team that has fun,
but knows how to work hard to get the job done?

Want to be part of a culture that enriches the community
and provides incredible dining experiences?

Want to earn higher wages than average,
enjoy benefits and opportunity for growth.

Want to stay late arrive early and go the extra mile?
Then PGG may be the perfect fit for you!


"We Enrich Our Community
and Provide Incredible Dining Experiences"

Purpose & Values

Our Faith & Diversity is our Foundation  /  We Have a Stake in Our Fiscal Health & Profitability
We Cultivate Personal & Professional Growth Through Ongoing Training  /  We are Accountable for Our Decisions & Actions
We Speak the Truth with Dignity & Respect  /  We Take Pride in Our Clean &  Artistic Atmosphere
We Innovate Through Passion & Creativity  /  We Balance Our Work & Personal Lives
We Have Fun Working as a Team  /  We Operate Safely