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The Avenue, Viera FL.
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Current Artist’s Bios

Jen Tyler

Art is in my soul and creating it replenishes me. In nature and technology, the artistic fusion of both organic and artificial forms has always fascinated and inspired me. Repurposed, Fashion, Avant-garde and Nature creations are my specialty. I am making a living as a professional Photographer and Graphic Designer. Through this work I am inspired to create other types of media such as Mixed-Medium Art, Repurposed Jewelry, Painting, Illustration, Graphic Apparel, Mosaics and cheap generic levitra more. I am always exploring new forms of art, tools and technique to push the envelope of what should and shouldn’t be.

Donna Jo Sewell

Donna Sewell is a local artist who uses her camera to explore the sense of wonderment she feels about the viagra overnight shipping usa pharmacy beauty of Florida’s landscape. After spending 13 years in Japan, Donna returned to Melbourne in 2010. Since then, she has been using photography as a way to reconnect with her natural surroundings. “It is not until you leave a place that you realize how much you have internalized its landscapes.” She loves to spend time outdoors exploring themes of light, color, and texture. She is equally as happy to record the play of morning light on her curtains or to capture abstract images on a steamy window after one of our afternoon thunderstorms. She loves being captivated by tiny moments of beauty and finds joy getting lost in discovery. “Photography gives me the gift of being completely outside of myself while being absorbed in the present moment. “ Her images have been described as ethereal, emotionally evocative, and serene.

John Sluder

John Sluder is a resident native of Brevard county, and much of his work reflects the intricate nature of Florida landscapes. John’s interest in photography began with the gift of a Kodak Brownie camera from his grandfather on his eighth birthday. He still possesses the camera, in addition to many related fond memories. His professional career began in early 2005 and has involved all facets of photography including commercial portraits, magazine covers and photo journalism. John has also developed a keen interest in the many technical aspects of photography such as high speed, time lapse, low light and even underwater projects. His goal has been to achieve maximum results using lighting and composition as opposed to using modern technologies in post processing such as photoshop. John divides his time between Florida and buy pfizer cialis online New York City, as both a photographer and also a fine art printer.

Parker Fernandez

I have always had an interest in taking pictures of landscapes. I enjoy taking pictures when I feel the moment is just right. If the pictures are from skies to storms to water, the images always have to look unique in their own way. I really enjoy it when pictures have colors, they really capture my eye and I try to capture those images on my own. I am so impressed with what I can do with just my phone and can’t imagine what possibilities can be available with a professional camera. Whenever I see that perfect moment, I always have to take the picture right then and right there because I know I will never see that moment exactly the same again.

Steven Lomazzo

Steve currently resides in his hometown of Melbourne, Florida. He graduated with the highest temperature in his class from the Savannah College of Art & Design with a BFA in Illustration. Expertly trained in conceptual design, story-boarding, book, poster and editorial illustration, as well as portraiture, Lomazzo’s unique brand of vintage stylization with a modern twist is sure to gain notoriety as more of his illustrations and fine art become main stream Steve has been drawing since he was old enough to hold a crayon, and he is fluent in a large range of styles and cialis wholesale online canada techniques. His ultimate goal is to be bestowed upon the honor of the Caldecott award for children’s book excellence.He was warped in the late 70’s by: Spaghetti O’s, Kool-Aid, and saturday morning television. He loves cashews, learned to drive on a 1931 Model A Ford, and can wiggle his ears.