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The Avenue, Viera FL.
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Current Artist’s Bios

Irene Abramowitz

My artistic endeavors started in 1967. Since that time I have studied under Leonard Bandel,  Donald Telft,  Jane Rickman,  Marlis Newman,  Carole Wilen,  Frits Van Eeden,  Fran McLean,  Loretta Schnitzius,  Pearl Ollie,  Jerry Hooper  and  Lisa Mistiuk.    Color is my main interest and impression is my favorite application of the color.  It amazes me how color works off of each other.   The passion of color and impressionism led me to spend a part of a vacation at the home of Claude Monet in Giverny, France.  I enjoy painting and have an art gallery in my home.

Jennifer Bonset

Jennifer is a Florida native, currently living in Melbourne Beach.   Beginning with childhood, horses have always inspired her to recreate their image and she has continued to do so while exploring many other subjects, media and styles. Commissioned portraits of children and pets have kept her busy in the studio, while experiments with collage and mixed media allow her mind and hands to play. Media used includes: Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Pastels, Colored Pencil, Pen and Ink, Charcoal and Pencil.  Jennifer graduated in 2001 from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s in Fine Art.

Melissa Conti

Mel Conti, from Melbourne, FL, is a dance teacher and an occupational therapist assistant. Art is her passion and hobby. Inspired by Impressionistic art, Mel reflects the abstract and bold elements into her pieces in an eclectic way. Her most recent pieces feature a watercolor background with a cut out paper overlay that depicts hidden images.

Sandra Garfield

Growing up in several boroughs of New York, gave me easy access to the wonderful museums and street shows available to the public in this great city.  There, I developed a true appreciationfor the arts at an early age. After retiring in 2005, and moving to Indian River Colony Club, I had the opportunity to realize my dream of painting. As a member of IRCC’s Artists Group for over 7 years, I have studied under local artists Fran McLean and Pearl Ollie; and sold some of my work privately.  My work is now being shown at THE TOWN SQUARE in Melbourne; and

Cynthia Hollings-Morris

Cynthia Holling-Morris lives on a historic ranch in the shadow of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she teaches college photography courses and wakes up to the sounds of coyotes, horses, and peacocks.  Her work has appeared in various publications including the American Regional Cuisine cookbook, Women’s Life, Eligible, Rakas, Forge Facts, and National Culinary Review magazines as well as the Ropers and Riders rodeo championship calendars.

Hassan Patterson

Hassan Patrice Patterson is an American artist from Boston Massachusetts whose works have been commissioned by a host of distinguished clients including NBC, Sony, Universal Studios, Rhino Records and Disney where he worked as a visual development artist for the animated film “G-Force” Currently Hassan’s works can be seen on Sy-Fy’s channel show “Dream Machines”

Cathy Yerkes

My name is Cathy Yerkes.  I have been interested in photography most of my life.  I enjoy all types of photography such as pets, family, outdoors and my musician friends.  I especially enjoy creative photography, for instance, photos that tell a story.  I find inspiration is all sorts of things like in magazines, television, movies, etc.  you can check out my facebook page; Facebook.com/pages/velvet-photography/221584670070