A Story of Art & Pizza

Since 1989

Along time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….
just kidding it was really only the late 80’s. Starting a story is always the hardest part, so now that we’ve got that out of the way, we’d like to tell you about how our mash up of art gallery and gourmet pizza restaurant came to be. Take one part artistic family, topped with years of slinging pies in the corporate pizza game, layer on a hearty work ethic and finish it all with an entrepreneurial awakening and you’ve got the recipe for a fresh and original change in the pizza landscape. The idea was and is that pizza doesn’t have to be the same old production line pepperoni and mushroom affair. It can be elevated, refined, fun, and artistic! So the journey began. An art gallery that featured a gourmet pizza restaurant, not just any gourmet pizzas but ones that were inspired by the masters. The possibilities were endless. From a white pizza named after the master of black and white MC Escher to a Mexican pizza with salsa sauce named after the master of Southwestern landscapes, Georgia O’Keeffe. The first 40-seat location in the 1900 building in Downtown Melbourne opened its doors in 1989. Fast-forward 25 years, five locations and voila, you’re sitting here reading about a crazy idea to start a restaurant that’s all about art and pizza! Our founder will tell you that he had nothing to do with our success, and he means it. He gives all the credit to his faith, family, partners, friends and all of you. We’re humbled every day that we get to continue our journey and strive to “Enrich Our Community and Provide Incredible Dining Experiences.” Enjoy!

Our Purpose & Values

"We Enrich Our Community
And Provide Incredible Dining Experiences"

Our Faith & Diversity is our Foundation

We Have a Stake in Our Fiscal Health & Profitability

We Cultivate Personal & Professional Growth Through Ongoing Training

We are Accountable for Our Decisions & Actions

We Speak the Truth with Dignity & Respect


We Take Pride in Our Clean &  Artistic Atmosphere

We Innovate Through Passion & Creativity

We Balance Our Work & Personal Lives

We Have Fun Working as a Team

We Operate Safely