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The story of Pizza Gallery & Grill started with a young entrepreneur who was determined to combine the richness of his family’s artistic heritage with his innovative culinary imagination.

Chris Conneen entered the hospitality industry at the age of fourteen, washing dishes and bussing tables at a small family restaurant in Melbourne Beach, Florida. He continued to gain experience with a few independent restaurants during his high school years before joining the Domino’s Pizza workforce. Chris gives a lot of credit to Domino’s for the professional lessons and training he received, however with his creative energy bursting at the seams, it wasn’t long before the entrepreneurial spirit came to life.

It was in 1989 when Chris experienced this “Entrepreneurial Seizure“. Convinced there was an endless palette of pizza possibilities like the Van Gogh, Picasso and Botticelli which are still on the menu today. At twenty-one years old and fueled by a passion to serve others, Chris opened the first Pizza Gallery in Downtown Melbourne. The company was founded on his faith and three Core Values; Honesty, Integrity & Humility.

Pizza Gallery grew from a small 40 seat pizzeria to a humble 260 seat full service restaurant with an incredible array of culinary arts and services. Today Pizza Gallery & Grill’s success if founded on giving more in Value than it takes in payment. It does this by surrounding itself with like-minded individuals and continuing to be innovative with its products and services.

“This local favorite has something for everyone – the perfect mix of family-friendly dining and an indoor / outdoor bar and lounge. The menu is incredible, the staff is amazing and the atmosphere is artistic and fun. With a Purpose of “Enriching Our Community with an Incredible Dining Experience”, it’s no wonder they have been serving Brevard County for over 21 years”.      – Space Coast Living

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